Emergency Incident at Ecole Connaught School Today

event Published 2022-04-25T22:39:30.621Z

Medicine Hat, AB (April 25, 2022): After lunch recess today we learned that two students did not return to class. When we first identified that the students were missing, we conducted an interior and exterior search of the school and surrounding neighbourhood. When the students couldn’t be quickly located, their parents were notified and the Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS) was contacted to take over the search. For a short period of time, all students were asked to stay inside their classrooms so the police could do a secondary search inside and outside the building. School staff, parents of the missing children and the MHPS all engaged in the search.

During a neighbourhood search, the two children were walking back to the school safely when they were found. It was determined that the students had left campus without permission.

Although it may be a beautiful day for a walk, it is unsettling to our entire school and community when situations like this occur. Ecole Connaught is a closed campus school and children can only leave when they are signed out by their parent or guardian. Please review these expectations with your children today. 

We are grateful to our partners, the Medicine Hat Police Service and to our staff who came together quickly to keep the school operating normally and then support the emergency response. We will debrief as a staff to review our internal processes so we can mitigate against similar situations in the future. We want to thank our staff, Medicine Hat Police and Connaught families for their cooperation and understanding, we are committed to keeping kids safe at school. 

The safety of students and staff is our number one priority when addressing any emergency; we understand family concerns and appreciate the patience and understanding shown by our school community. Please contact the school administration with questions about the emergency response today at 403.526.2392. Take a moment to review our Emergency Protocols Summary attached below to help guide you when having conversations with your child.