Southland Transportation Ltd. - Medicine Hat403.526.4655
Robert Olson - Transportation Coordinator403.528.6572

If my child only rides once or twice a year, do I still have to register?

Yes, some students may ride the bus infrequently, however they still need to be registered to ride.

If my child live at two different homes can we register for two different routes?

Yes, we will help to coordinate that with you, please contact the School Division's Transportation Department:

email: transportation@sd76.ab.ca
or call: 403.528.6572

Transportation to a second address will depend on seat availability.

If my child (who is registered to ride) has a friend come over after school (who is not registered to ride, or is registered on a different bus) are they both allowed to ride the bus home?

Due to stricter restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently not granting access for friends to ride.

How will I know what time my child's bus will pick up and drop off each day?

Families are asked to view our school bus route maps to find their closest bus stop and associated stop times.

Does it cost money to ride the bus?

Not at this time. Medicine Hat Public School Division transports over 2,000 students including students with special needs. At this time there is no cost associated with accessing school bus registration, but all riders are required to register.

My child has specialized needs, are they able to ride the bus?

If your child requires special transportation (ex: wheelchair accessibility) please contact Robert Olson, Transportation Coordinator 403.528.6572.

Is there bussing available for my child in ELP?

For ELP bussing service, please contact your ELP teacher.

Why was my bussing application denied?

It is likely a bus application is denied because it does not meet the eligibility requirements.